We couldn't be happier with the service provided by MAKA Power Ltd during our plant shutdown. Their predictive electrical testing and maintenance were top-notch, and their attention to detail was remarkable. They worked seamlessly with our team, completing the job ahead of schedule and with minimal disruption. Thanks to their expertise, we now have confidence in the reliability of our electrical systems.”

- David P., Facility Manager

Steel Foundry: Shut Down

This project was for a scheduled summer three-week shut down to address six major projects, each involving intricate electrical design solutions.

MAKA Power’s team was composed of 30 electricians working 24-7 shifts over three weeks to ensure critical timelines were met. Our team collaborated with plant engineers and electrical maintenance staff to design, schedule and install the components.

Pouring Conveyor Upgrade 

  • Remove existing pouring conveyor electrical infrastructure.
  • New raceways, power and control ran to new devices and motors.
  • Install new HMI and control panel to accommodate new inputs and outputs.

K&N Splitter 400A Re-Fee

  • Retrofit 400A 600V breaker in existing panel.
  • Install new cable tray to support cable run.
  • Run new 2x 3C 3/0 1000V Teck cable to existing splitter location.
  • Test and commission.

Emergency Panel Install

  • Install new 277/480V emergency lighting panel.
  • Run 1000’ 4C #1/0 from generator panel to new emergency panel.
  • Test and commission.

1200A Splitter and Panel Re-Feed

  • Remove damaged cable from fire.
  • Install new 1200A 600V splitter.
  • Run 4x 3C 500 KCMIL 1KV Teck from splitter to existing panel.
  • Retrofit 36”x36” junction box to accommodate 500KCMIL splice.
  • Test and commission.

Boiler Room NEMA 4X 800A Panel Install

  • Remove existing panel.
  • Install 2x new 800A 600V NEMA4X Panel to accommodate circuit spaces.
  • Test & commission.

Tube Furnace control panel install and re-feed

  • Remove existing tube furnace feeder cabling.
  • Install new control panel.
  • Replace existing elements in 2x tube furnaces.
  • Install 600-480V transformer as a redundancy for American elements.Run new high temperature feeder cable to accommodate new tube furnaces.

Project Value: $1,200,000


MAKA Power was invaluable in the design build of our facilities expansion. They provided us with complete end-to-end system development, engineering, install and commisioning. They completed the project within budget and timeline, we will be using them again."

- Facility Manager

This project was a facility expansion with MAKA Power providing design assistance.

Requiring new electrical infrastructure to support new functions, MAKA provided electrical systems for a variety of manufacturing equipment.

Electrical systems were designed and deployed to support several manufacturing lines including: a tube laser cutter (200A 480V Sub distribution), a 480V press brake (600A 600V Sub distribution), a Mitsubishi laser cutter (400A 600V Sub distribution), as well as supporting electrical systems for compressors and a new emergency generator for the facility.

Project Value: $650,000


MAKA Power arrived on site within 15 minutes of our call and worked tirelessly through the night with the fire department to secure the safety of the building's electrical systems. In situations like this, we wouldn't call anyone else, MAKA Power kept us updated, were extremely knowledgeable and had 15 electricians on site the next day to begin remediation work."

- Property Manager

This project was for fire remediation at a Winnipeg apartment block with MAKA Power providing design assistance. A fire on the roof and 18-floor tower caused smoke and water damage in suites, main electrical room, elevator, lobby, and multiple other locations.

MAKA Power worked swiftly to secure the safety the building’s electrical systems and re-energize essential systems so remediation efforts could commence. We worked with engineers to test equipment and determine what new components would be needed. Helping to source affordable options, we also prioritized early orders to help ensure tenants would be able to return in a timely manner.

Our team completed the demolition and replacement of all damaged electrical equipment.

Project Value: $550,000

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