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An arc flash study is the evaluation of a workplace facility by an electrical safety expert to determine hazards and risks in relation to electrical systems.

The on-site study results in arc flash equipment labeling, fault current and coordination analysis, recommendations for improvements and requirements for proper personal protective equipment (PPE). A review and analysis of the facilities’ written electrical safety program can also be included.

Arc Flash Studies are affordable and with MAKA Power they don’t have to blow your budget – our experts can provide arc flash studies using the latest software. Customized solutions by MAKA Power allow you to control the cost of the services you need without paying for those you don’t need. We specialize in achieving compliance without excessive data and reports. These assessments are based on CSAM (Construction Safety Association of Manitoba) NFPA 70E, IEEE 1584, CSA and CCOHS requirements depending upon the application. Studies can be customized to include any and all of the following:

Fault current and coordination analysis

● Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Level recommendations

Arc Flash Equipment Labeling

Arc Flash Incident Energy Mitigation Strategies

Written Electrical Safety Programs Catering to your needs MAKA Power offers a choice of arc flash studies to provide the most safety assurance possible to companies in need of electrical safety evaluation.

Our studies offer a range of options to meet your NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 arc flash hazard assessment needs. Our trained experts use the latest available resources to provide the most information for every potentially hazardous electrical area of your workplace. Our primary focus is on making sure your electrical employees are protected from potential arc flash incidents and that they understand how to safely work around the potential hazards of the power system.

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